Allied Musicians

The Best Spotify Playlist  For independent Artists, Bedroom Producers & Singers.

In the last few months, Allied Musicians has provided up to 150k+ organic streams per song to independent artists for free. While other playlist curators charge artists to consider their submission, AM is a 100% free platform.

The playlist is supported by independent artists and music lovers, providing a High-quality conversion that actually helps to make money with your music and create a real fanbase. Submit your Soundtrack today and watch your fanbase grow.

Submit Spotify Demo for Free

How Does free spotify submission work?

The AM playlists are followed by dedicated music lovers and artists around the globe for the sole reason of the quality music that can be found here. The reason behind that quality is the unbiased judgement while considering demo submissions for the playlist.

Allied Musicians acts as a glue that connects independent artists, producers, composers and singers to music lovers. Providing Fresh new tunes to the community while supporting the artist community at the same time.